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The question is – do you and others play? Being a’team player’ needs a different mindset than when it’s you? I don’t intend to imply that Monty has more of the skill sets than Tiger – which is for all those people who are close. I am here to demonstrate what is required from behavior, the attitude and character of a’Ryder Cup 2018‘.

Let us look –

-Your skills need to be receptive
-You Will Need to have relationships with other people

Being a team player is all about managing your emotions during play (something most golfers know a lot about) and then being able to use this ability to effectively communicate with your fellow staff members (not an environment they’re used to) Does being a team player mean having the ability to read the emotions of your staff members-the good, the bad and the in between?

If you’re a person who has spent your entire life honing skills which promote being completely self-focused to be able to be the very best, how simple can it be to change to a skill set that needs the complete opposite? Do the qualities which make a golfer great come with what’s being asked ?

You have to engage with those around you – your team mates – individuals who for the majority of your sporting career are your opponents! To suddenly have the ability to adapt and have an intuitive sense of others to be able to become a fantastic team player; particularly in the event you don’t agree with what’s being said. You’ll be required to be able to be able to make the good of the collective, the team, stronger, to take into consideration everyone’s viewpoints. Golf is often described as a’video game of self’ so this is one area that is in total conflict with the golfer behaviour that was essential.

Also as unexpectedly finding this’open’ and engaging attitude, in order for it to work successfully in a team environment, the golfer’s body language should become congruent with his behavior. So as to create rapport with those around 14, body language is important. It’s these abilities that will demonstrate that you are engaged with your staff and that you’re listening. Caring about people around you and how they’re performing is a skill that goes totally against the whole’video game of self’ mentality necessary to be a championship golfer.